Ep 033.1: Barnabas Piper – Writing, Blogging, and Books – Interviews with the Artist Series

The summer series is called Interviews with the Artists. In the series, Cody Anderson interviews a wide range of popular, and not so popular, artists in their fields. Some of these interviews cover music, writing, design, computer animation, satire, novels, home-made music videos, orchestras, Biblical historical fiction, and more. We discuss everything from the creative process to finding book cover art to making money from these endeavors.

In Episode 033.1, Cody interviews Barnabas Piper, the son of John Piper. Barnabas is a writer, author, blogger, and podcaster. Cody and Barnabas discuss Barnabas’ art of writing. As they about writing, Barnabas gives his perspective on writing and the processes that goes into it. They talk about the differences between writing a book as opposed to writing on a blog.

They also speak about the pressure, or lack thereof, of being a celebrity pastor’s son, how different influences and experiences change our art and creativity, different types of art and styles, and a few other topics.

Barnabas’ Top Reco’s for every Artist:

1. Vary your genre and read widely.

2. Find creative crossovers.

3. Revel in the beauty of art.

4. Be consistent with it and crank it out.

Find out more about Barnabas:

Website: http://www.barnabaspiper.com

Twitter: @barnabaspiper

Facebook: Barnabas Piper

and get his new book Curious Christian

Outro Music: Art Ambidextrous by Propaganda and Odd Thomas

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