Ep 033.0 Intro for Interviews with the Artist Series

The summer series is called “Interviews with the Artists.” Cody Anderson interviews a wide range of popular and not so popular artists in their fields. Some of these interviews cover music, writing, design, computer animation, satire, novels, home-made music videos, orchestras, biblical historical fiction, and more…!

This episode is the intermission episode before we start the Interviews with the artist series. In this episode, Daniel, John, and Cody talk about motorcycles, George Washington’s Rules of Civility, Catechisms, and local art.

Join them as they chat about what to look forward to hearing, and as they share a sampling of what’s in store for this summer. You won’t want to miss it!

Outro Music: I’ve Seen Better Days by Sublime

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Art of Redemption Podcast
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Psychology, Big Business, and Theology

The summer series is called “Interviews with the Artists

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The summer series is called “Interviews with the Artists