The Art of Redemption – Episode 024.3 The Watchmen Series Part 3: Getting to know Alan Moore

For this week’s episode we break from the characters in the Watchmen story to introduce to you Alan Moore, the author of Watchmen.

We dive into this man’s ideas and his thinking through an interview by DAVID PESCOVITZ in 2011. As we listen in on this interview, we discuss some of the things he says and believes and how that not only effects his worldview and philosophies, but also how it comes across in his characters in the graphic novel and movie.

Creators of art always include within their art their presuppositions and worldview. Alan Moore in no exception. Honestly, he is a fool and an evil man. When we live a life devoid of God it leads to these kinds of absurd ideas and beliefs. Without faith we cannot explain God or anything no matter how much knowledge we have “gained.”

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Intro Music: Akkadian Empire by Audio Machine

Ending Song: Beautiful Life by Trip Lee

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