Lollipop Shadows: Stop! Take Time to Enjoy Your Children

Not too long ago, my daughter Brionna and I went to the bank to deposit my check. I rarely get to go with just Brionna. It’s usually Brionna and Alexander, or Alexander, Brionna, and Scarlett. I can’t remember the last time it was just Daddy and “Brio.” As always, we grabbed some lollipops when we were finished and Brionna got an extra one for her brother. (One of our longstanding traditions is that Alexander brings Brionna a lollipop when she doesn’t get to come along.)

As we were leaving the bank, I enjoyed a moment with my daughter that I’ll never forget. It’s a small moment. It was brief. If I had been in a hurry, or in a bad mood, I might have missed it altogether. As we headed to the car Brionna stopped suddenly, and proclaimed excitedly, “Look Daddy! Lollipop Shadows!”

First of all, that would make a great song title. That aside, this was a moment of discovery that I got to enjoy with my daughter. She had discovered that lollipops have shadows too! Is it silly? Yep. Was it the most precious thing ever? Absolutely. I acknowledged her discovery, took pictures, and had her pose. She was delighted!

Dads, don’t miss the lollipop shadows. Life gets really hectic, I know. It’s hard to slow down and appreciate the things our kids are discovering moment-by-moment that we take for granted everyday. Don’t miss the lollipop shadows in the lives of your kids.

Also, don’t miss the lollipop shadows in your own life. So many adults have moved beyond silly lollipop shadows. They are no longer delighted by anything, and nothing brings them surprise, joy, or excitement. The old saying used to be, “Stop and smell the roses.” Well, here’s a new one, “Stop and enjoy the lollipop shadows.”

Photo by Iwona Castiello d’Antonio on Unsplash

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