Theology Mix Network – One Feed To Rule Them All

one-feedAn Unprecedented Launch is excited to announce the official launch of the Theology Mix Podcast Network. This network is something that we have been thinking a lot about over the last few months. We’ve finally put words into action by creating an unprecedented single RSS feed that will include new episodes from all the podcasts in our network.

Podcasting Networks are nothing new. However, what makes the Theology Mix Network unique is not only are the podcasts “networked” in support of one another, but they all have agreed to allow their episodes to be syndicated into one single feed: Theology Mix Network. That means you can subscribe on Itunes, Stitcher, or any Podcast Catcher and get regular updates on ALL the episodes from ALL the programs in our network. It’s One RSS feed to Rule Them All!!

I know what you’re thinking: “What if I don’t want all those Podcasts?” That’s okay! Most podcast catchers allow you to pick and choose which episodes you want to download at any given time. Also, all these podcasts will be maintaining their current RSS feeds. If you’re subscribing to them already, nothing changes. However, if you love all these podcasts, or just a couple of them, you can subscribe to ALL of them at once with the Theology Mix Network.

Who’s in the Theology Mix Network?

With this launch we are proud to announce six initial partners to the ThM network.

  1. After the Sermon – Host Jeremy J. Ludmark
  2. Christian Devotions Speak Up – Host Scott McCausey
  3. Coram Deo – Host Kyle James Howard (The Super Theologian)
  4. Ordinary Pastor Podcast – Host Cody Almanzar
  5. Stand in the Gap Today – Hosts Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, and David Kistler of the American Pastors Network
  6. Theology Mixer Radio – Hosts Scott McCausey and Jeremy J. Lundmark (Coming with Launch)

Each of these podcasts have a unique following, mission, and theological perspective. All of them united in the goal to magnify and glorify Jesus Christ in the world around them by building up the body of Christ with their podcasts.

Help Us Rock the Podcasting World

With this unprecedented move we’re asking supporters of ANY one of these programs to do us a favor. Here’s the deal: iTunes responds to reviews, downloads, and subscriptions. Right out of the gate we want to Rock iTunes’ World for the glory of Christ. In order to do this, we need a lot of responses early and often. In order to do that, we have two requests:

First, go to Itunes and give a 5-star review of the Theology Mix Network and leave a brief comment in support of the program you love. For example, if you’re already a listener of “Christian Devotions Speak Up,” go to the Theology Mix Network on Itunes, give it 5 stars, and write, “We love Christian Devotions Speak up. Looking forward to hearing some of the other programs.” (If you use another podcasting app, do the same with that application).

Second, if you’re willing, subscribe to the Theology Mix Network and download/listen to a couple of the episodes from other programs you don’t already listen to. However you listen to these programs, we’re asking that you to start employing the Theology Mix Network feed as a part of your podcasting subscriptions.

That’s it!

If you can do those two things right after reading this post, you’ll help us put the Theology Mix Network on the proverbial map! In the infamous words of Captain Planet: By Your Power Combined We Are… the Theology Mix Network!”

Thank You!

Finally, I want to say a huge “Thank You” to the “Admins 3” (you know who you are) for putting all the work into the backend of this project. I also want to say a big thanks to Stand in the Gap, Christian Devotions SpeakUp, After the Sermon, Coram Deo, and the Ordinary Pastor Podcasts for joining with us for the launch of this Network. None of this would be possible without their willingness to be a part of this project.

Last, and certainly not least, we want to say thanks to you, the listeners of these podcasts and the readers of Thank you for the support you have provided to each of these ministries up to this point. None of this would be happening without your support, and for that we say Thanks!

Together, we’re going to change the podcasting world for the glory of Jesus Christ one episode, and one blog post, at a time. Subscribe, rate, and review—and start listening.

Finally, by your powers combined we have the Theology Mix Network! One Feed to Rule them All!

Jeremy Lundmark
Bible Commentators Past and Present with David Guzik on CD Speak UP!

Bible Commentators Past and Present with David Guzik on CD Speak UP!

An Unprecedented Launch TheologyMix

Coram Deo: Discussions, Debates, and the Glory of God

Coram Deo: Discussions, Debates, and the Glory of God

An Unprecedented Launch TheologyMix