Theology Mixer Radio Precast

Introducing Theology Mixer Radio w/Hosts Scott McCausey and Jeremy Lundmark

In this first episode of Theology Mixer Radio hosts Scott McCausey and Jeremy Lundmark discuss their vision for a new podcast that will take differing theological convictions and put them into the “Theology Mixer.”

Scott and Jeremy introduce themselves in this “Precast” and bat around potential futures guests, topics, and share their excitement for all things “Theology Mix.”

As you get ready for Theology Mixer Radio, Scott and Jeremy ask for your input as they prepare for the next episode. Share those thoughts by using the contact info at the end of this episode.

Be sure to check out the Theology Mix Podcast and keep an eye out for the next episode of “Theology Mixer Radio” expected to hit the podcast universe sometime in December.

Until then… Keep Mixing it Up for the Glory of Christ.