We kick things off with some political appetizers. We discuss Donald Trump’s disrespectful remarks regarding former president George W. Bush.

We also discuss Marco Rubio’s poor decision to call out Ted Cruz’s linguistic skills in the GOP debate.

Finally, we give two thumbs up for Donald Trump’s punking Jeb Bush by purchasing and forwarding JebBush.Com. Hilarious, though sad that this is what American politics has come to.

For our #Uncredible segment, we talk with Roger Browning about an article he wrote for “A Clear Lens.” We discuss unanswered prayers as it relates to Apologetics and how Christians can explain unanswered prayers in their own lives.

Finally, we honor Justice Antonin Scalia who passed away early this week. He served on the bench nearly thirty years and rather than discuss anything related to who will take his seat we leave this episode with a moment of silence to remember him, and to mourn with his family.

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