In Episode 23 Special Guest JD Hall of the Pulpit and Pen program joins After the Sermon to discuss Karen Swallow Prior’s recent article in Christianity Today.

We kick things off with a discussion of Focus on the Family’s response to concerns regarding an “Abortion Pill” resource they had put out. Thankfully they have pulled that resource for revision. Still, we consider whether or not their rationale is valid and if the power of the Gospel to accomplish Christ’s purposes.

Next we jump right into the Christianity Today article by Karen Swallow Prior where she says that using the term “murder” in relationship to abortion is “unChristlike.” We discuss if whether or not the opposite may, in fact, be true.

We look at Matthew 23, Acts 2, and Acts 7 and see that, so far from being unChristlike, using terms like “murder” are in fact Christ honoring and Gospel affirming. What this means is to do the opposite, and demand that others do the opposite, is actually to oppose the very Gospel that alone can save those who are seeking to murder their child.

Finally, we discuss how listeners can evaluate those CPCs and Christian organizations that they support and determine if those “Pro-Life” ministries are truly preaching the Gospel.

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