Episode 11 begins with a clip from my sermon on Lamentations, Chapter 3. We discuss the delicate balance between acknowledging God’s justice, sovereignty, and grace. Jeremiah found himself in a place where he could affirm the judgment of God on his people, while at the same time finding hope in the goodness of God.

For our appetizer we interview special guest @CalvinistHulk and discuss the twitter anon world, righteous anger, theologians past and present, and briefly discuss Planned Parenthood and the Kim Davis situation.

Next, we jump into our main topic and discuss the recent debacle in Kentucky with Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis being jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. We analyze four clips from Episode 60 of the Drunk Ex-Pastors podcast and discuss if Kim Davis has been discriminated against, whether or not she should just step down, what role Christians play in society, and whether or not some homosexuals are looking to “force” Christians to accept their worldview.

In our TheologyMix.com feature, we highlight my review of the Drunk Ex-Pastors podcast and Calvinist Hulk’s article entitled “Questioning the Hulk.” Then we turn our attention to the podcast world and highlight Episode 01 of “After the Sermon” where I predicted the pressure that would come on county and town clerks who issue marriage licenses. Then we highlight Episode 56 of “Reformed and Reloaded” where they discuss abortion clinic ministry and whether or not it’s a good idea to conceal carry when going to abortion clinics for ministry.

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