Episode 63: Reformation Day, Clinton E-mails, and Halloween


We kick things of in Episode 63 touching on the recent development of the FBI’s decision to reopen the Hillary Clinton E-mail case. After examining Anthony Weiner’s computers and e-mails in his “sexting” case the FBI discovered e-mails that may have been copied off of or processed through Hillary’s private server. Will this affect the election in 8 days?

Next we talk briefly about whether or not Christians should be engaged in Halloween or they should separate from such activities. I give you my take on “The Devil’s Holiday” as I set out to reclaim it for Christ.

Finally, on this Reformation Day we take a look at the Five Solas of the Reformation and how they distinguish protestants not only from Catholics, but all other religions. Happy Reformation Day!

Links from Episode 63

Ligonier’s Full Dramatic Reading of Martin Luther’s Stand for Justification by Faith.

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