Episode 49 – Prodigals, Parents, and Church…There’s Hope!


In Episode 49, we have the privilege of interviewing #Uncredible guest Kevin Small from the Hope for the Journey Podcast. Kevin shares his story of finding out that his son was a junkie addicted to meth. After the shock was over, Kevin sought hope from various ministries and churches and found little hope for his son.

Kevin’s story is a story first for the parents of a wayward prodigal who has lost their way. He encourages parents that there is hope on this journey and wants them to know that they’re not alone.

Kevin’s story speaks to the prodigal. Like the voice of the prodigal’s father whispering in his ear, he calls out to prodigals everywhere and says, “Come home.” Mom loves you. Dad is waiting for you. Your heavenly father is waiting with open arms. Come home.

Finally, Kevin’s message hits home for the body of Christ as he speaks to both the positive and negative reactions he encountered as he walked this journey with his son. Ultimately, he encourages the church to have a long view of steadfast love and to recognize that this isn’t going to go away over night. It’s not a “season.” It took 16 months for Kevin’s son to decide to finally go to Teen Challenge and get help. Church, don’t give up… give hope.

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Photo by Sally Crossthwaite via Flickr