Episode 46 – Kirk Cicero, Masculinity, Real Manhood, Bacon, Beards, Coffee, or Fruit?


In this episode of After the Sermon, I welcome #Uncredible guest @Kirk Cicero to the show to discuss what real masculinity is. We kick things off by talking about millennial bashing and why it seems so easy and comfortable for one generation to bash the next.

We follow that up by getting into our main topic on masculinity. Specifically, we talk about faux-masculinity: Forms of masculinity that society has embraced, but which are altogether separate from the Scripture. We even probe some distinctly Reformed Christian views of masculinity that fit this category as well.

Next, we turn our attention to what the Bible says is true masculinity. What is a real man? When we strip away the beards, the bacon, and the coffee, we are left with Christ as our example and the fruits of the Spirit as our guide. When we compare these fruits to some of the false forms of masculinity, we begin to see a stark contrast.

Ultimately, we merge our two topics and discuss the difference between Baby Boomer masculinity and Millennial Masculinity. Where a boomer likes to chop wood and tap trees, millennial men like to code websites and record podcasts. While these two forms of manhood are altogether different, the fruits of the Spirit can affect both the same and Christ should be the supreme example to both as to what it means to be a real man.


Photo by LuciFross via Flickr

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