Episode 45 – Sarcastic Missionary, Heath Bars, Mission’s Agencies, Support, and Calling


In Episode 45, we welcome #Uncredible guest the “Sarcastic Missionary” to the show. We kick things off by learning a little bit more about why a missionary on the field would create an anon account on twitter.

Next, we spend a bit of time talking about the differences between overseas prison systems and American prison systems. We discuss the advantages of having a democratic and capitalistic approach to managing those convicted of crimes. Specifically, it reduces the amount of cost to the government and it gives those convicted of crimes an immediate opportunity at a second chance.

Then, we turn our attention to missionary support and specifically some of the frustrations pastors face when receiving all kinds of appeals from missionaries all the time. We discuss the nitty gritty of year end giving appeals, personal appeals, and the damage some agencies cause by “competing” with their missionaries at critical times for the organization.

We also discuss the positives and negatives of utilizing agencies. Sarcastic Missionary explains the benefits of being connected to an agency and some of the unique things the agency provides specifically for missionaries.

As we draw to a close, we discuss the topic of missionary “support.” We get real honest about what it means to “pray” for missionaries and provide some very practical ways that we can support missionaries without sending a monthly check. Care packages and notes of communication go a long way in encouraging and strengthening those who are carrying out the great commission overseas away from home, friends, family, and all things “normalcy.”

Finally, we close by discussing a missionary’s call and some of the things those who sense a calling to missions should consider in that process. A one-time trip may spark an emotional response, but a calculated investigation of a field and location will ultimately lead to greater confidence and longevity on the mission field.

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Overview In Episode 45, we welcome #Uncredible guest the “Sarcastic

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Overview In Episode 45, we welcome #Uncredible guest the “Sarcastic