In Episode 43, we kick things off with a quick job update and how that may affect episode release times. Next, we jump into a text message question I received from former #Uncredible guest Jerome Danner. He asks about how and when it’s appropriate to visit other church denominations than the one we may have grown up in, or that we are most familiar with. Specifically, he asks is it okay to check out other denominations, what denominations should we avoid, and what about the Church of God denominations.

Then I spend a little bit of time talking about the Theology Mix Network podcast and Carol Howell’s, “Let’s Talk Dementia.” At some point in our lives, if we haven’t already, we will be faced with someone who has some form of dementia. When we do, Carol’s podcast, book, Let’s Talk Dementia: A Caregiver’s Guide, blog, and other resources will become invaluable. Better to bulk up now, rather than to find yourself in panic mode when dementia sets in for a family member or friend.

Next, I spend a few moments talking about some Podcast hopping I’ll be doing and have been doing. This past week I joined the Tech Reformation podcast to talk about the Theology Mix Network and the podcast medium in general. Next week, I’ll be jumping on the Ask A Millennial Christian podcast to discuss finding work and some of the strange dynamics millennial job seekers may encounter.

Just before our main topic, I take a brief moment to follow up on a questions from Craig Elliss on the Tech Reformation (Episode 38) about a comparison between the Reformation Study Bible (see previous episode) and the ESV Study Bible that he uses. The similarities are striking, and while I recco the new edition of the Reformation Study Bible as a good upgrade from the first edition, it may not be as much of a difference from the ESV Study Bible except for the Reformation notes specific to the Reformation Study Bible.

For our main topic, I jump into Romans 8:28 to discuss the often misquoted, misunderstood, and misapplied passage that talks about God working all things together for good. We discuss what “good” exactly is in view and we also look at the previous two verses (26,27) and consider what it means that the Spirit assists us in prayer when we know not what to pray.

Links from Episode 43

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