In Episode 40, we kick things off by talking about the #Dew-cision between Pitch Black Mountain Dew and Baja Blast Mountain Dew. I boldly cast my vote for Baja Blast going so far as to suggest it replace regular Mountain Dew! This is not the first time I took a bold stance on soda flavors, hopefulLy, ATS listeners will back me this time around.

Next, I rehash my terrible, no good, very bad week of losing my job, my car breaking down, and having the water pump I installed fail. All of this leads me to ask, “How do we as Christians get through the days when nothing seems to go right?”

Then, I turn my attention to my Uncle Kelly’s funeral and how he magnificently worked together with his pastor to compose his own funeral message and boldly preach the Gospel one last time.

This episode comes packed with a trio of appetizers. First, I discuss possible solutions to the transgendered bathroom dilemma that our society has put itself in by disavowing biological distinction that actually exist in objective reality.

Second, we discuss the philosophical absurdity of “self-identity” and rejecting biologically confirmed distinctions in society. The end result is an untenable, hypocritical position that leaves one so self-defeated its, frankly, sad.

Third, and finally, with Trump and Hilary fast becoming their respective parties nominees we introduce three other parties that may provide a more viable option in November. Maybe it’s time the Democrats and Republicans feel the disgust of the people not by simply not voting, but throwing their support behind another party altogether.

Links from Episode 40

Constitution Party
Libertarian Party
Green Party