We kick things off with an appetizer talking about tonight’s Super Bowl 50. Is it ok to skip church for the Super Bowl? Should churches have Super Bowl Parties, cancel church altogether, or find some middle ground? Who’s better, the person who goes to a party to witness, or the person who goes to church to worship?

Then we turn to our #Uncredible segment to discuss the Beauty of Christ and the Christian walk with special guest Jerome Danner. If you’d like to be on #Uncredible feel free to contact me via twitter or facebook. Make sure you have a good microphone and a Skype account and we can get you on the show!

For our Main topic, we run down the fallout of the Iowa Caucuses and discuss the first debate after votes had been cast. We discuss important issues such as foreign affairs, preemptive strikes, eminent domain, pro-life exceptions, and immigration reform. Are their any real conservatives left to vote for?

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