Episode 28: Accidents, Not Punishments

I won’t belabor this episode with a lot of text, but simply say that this, in light of recent events, was probably one of the most challenging ones for me to read. However, I also felt convicted that this was an important message to hear: death is present, you cannot hold it back. Rather than debate its fairness, we need to prepare ourselves with repentance and call on our neighbors likewise to turn to Christ. You can’t draw a direct line from “accident that kills someone” to “God is punishing them for this sin,” yet death does exist as the judgment on our sin as a whole. Therefore, we must live prepared to see our Lord.

Let us take this as an invitation to mourn with the hurting, to remind all that death is not unusual but that it is coming, and to serve their needs as we bring them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot lord our goodness over anyone, but we should call all to repentance and serve as ministers of reconciliation for the lost.


Photo via Kentishtowner