In Episode 26 of After the Sermon, we kick of 2016 with a quick update on the end of the year gap in episodes. A couple of tickets and a car accident, mixed with all the other hustle and bustle of the holidays, kept us from having an episode last week.

In our first appetizer of the new year, we chat briefly about the Bundy “militia” that’s formed and taken a federal building in Oregon. On some levels we can resonate with the sentiment of these folks, and on another, it become difficult to distinguish their actions from those of Islamic terrorists and Baltimore Rioting.

For the first time ever, After the Sermon introduces a new segment called “Uncredible” where “Uncredible sources discuss incredible topics. We were privileged to have both Calvinist Dare Devil and Calvinist Chewbacca on the show to discuss worship. If you’re interesting in participating in the “Uncredible” segment of After the Sermon, feel free to contact the show through Twitter, Facebook, or through the comment section below.

For our main topic, we discuss further my recent sermon on “The Process of Prayer.” This was my first message since leaving my pastorate in September 2015. In the sermon, I was only able to discuss a few points in depth so in this episode we hit on some of the points that I had to speed through due to time constraints.

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