After the Sermon: Episode 24 – Andy McAdams, Pastoring Pastors, Barna Study, and One to One Discipling


In Episode 24, I am joined by the President of Multiplication Ministries Pastor Andy McAdams.

Andy has over 40 years of pastoral ministry experience. Thirty of those years he served as a pastor, the rest have been devoted to a ministry of pastoring pastors through Multiplication Ministries. We get things started by talking about the emotional and physical drain that preaching puts on the pastor. From there, we talk about how the pastor is often the loneliest person in the church.

We also take some time to pass along some advice to young men who are planning to jump right into pastoral leadership. Both Andy and I began pastoring pretty young and we want to offer some wisdom to both, churches considering a young pastor and those young pastors.

Next we turn our attention to a recent article posted by the Barna group entitled “New Research on the State of Discipleship.” Sadly, the numbers aren’t good and even more saddening is that the numbers, according to Andy, haven’t changed much in the last few decades. We discuss some of the reasons why this has been the case for so long. We also evaluate the data from the Barna Group, and suggest that maybe a revolutionary change in how we approach the process of discipleship is needed. Andy contends it’s time to abandoned our emphasis on “group” setting, “program” driven discipleship models and focus our attention on a One-to-One discipleship process.

We conclude by asking a very important Question: “How Does Your Church Make Disciples?” If you don’t know the answer to that question, you need to listen to Episode 24, and then get in touch with Pastor Andy McAdams and Multiplication Ministries.


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