In this week’s episode, we start a five-week series on Eastern Mysticism. As we dive into this topic, we start with an introduction on what it is and its attempts to understand the world in which we live.

But before we get into the topic, we listen to Daniel tell a story of a van that caught fire and the ensuing adventure with his dad. Then Roy talks about the Brexit issue that took place this last week and how unserious we as Americans see things like this in history.

We start off the conversation with a question you might not hear very often: What do you think about orange peels? Are they real? Or simply your imagination? As we look into Eastern Mysticism, we talk about a story, Teddy, written by J.D. Salinger (the author of The Catcher and the Rye) found in his book titled Nine Stories. In this story, we see a young boy who holds to a worldview deeply rooted in Eastern Mysticism and we examine how his worldview affects not only his life, but those around him.

We also examine how we can approach the opportunity to talk to people looking to Eastern Mysticism for answers about the “Total Truth.” Christianity provides true hope and redemption in a world that is hurt and broken.

Sited Works and Articles:
Piece of Art: “Teddy” by J.D. SalingerC.S. Lewis
Articles: Pantheism, Conceptions about God 
Books: The Universe Next Door – James W. SireNine Stories & The Catcher and the Rye – Salinger

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Books: Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey OR Finding Truth by Nancy Pearcey & The Francis A. Schaffer Trilogy

This weeks Promo: The Fetal PositionHope for the Journey

Intro Music: Akkadian Empire by Audiomachine

Ending Song: The Hypostatic Union by Shai Linne

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