Episode 58 – Christopher Cole, Methodists, and Misrepresenting Arminians


In Episode 58, Elder Christopher Cole of the Free Methodist Church joins me to discuss the ways in which Arminian Theology is often misrepresented by Calvinists. We discuss that Arminians do believe in Total Depravity, Sovereignty, and Election. We also touch briefly on the Arminian understanding of “losing” one’s salvation and the differences between that view and the Calvinistic view.

Ultimately, our objective was not to hold a formal debate. That has been done time and again by men better than both of us. Instead, our goal was simply to have a level-headed discourse about how brotherly charity can and should accompany us as we discuss our differences.

In the end, we discuss what is needed for us to bridge the theological gap and get on with the work of preaching the Gospel of Christ.

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