Episode 57 – Crystal Pepsi, Ubuntu, Liberty, Safety, Troll Policing, and Theology in Worship


In Episode 57, we kick things off by announcing the winner of the Episode 56 giveaway Jeffery Perry and introducing this week’s giveaway: A copy of Disciplines of a Godly Family by Kent and Barbara Hughes.

Next, I discuss the reintroduction of Crystal Pepsi into the market, and how you can find a 20oz bottle near you. I also discuss some fun I’ve been having playing around with Ubuntu 16 and trying to get it to do everything I need for podcasting. Except for video editing, I argue it’s a viable solution for podcasting and anyone with a Windows Vista or earlier computer looking for a step up.

Then we turn our attention to two articles I read the past two weeks. The first, by Newt Gingrich which discussed the “right” of Americans to be safe. I contend that so far being a “right,” safety is a responsibility that comes with liberty. To give that responsibility to the government is to relinquish certain liberties along the way.

That corresponds to another article I read about London, England, creating the first police task force to monitor online-bullying or “trolling.” This may sound like a good thing to reign people in on social media, but is this just the entry point for government overreach and regulation of the Internet?

Finally, I discuss a listener question about the distance between theology and worship. Do we accept theology in our music that we wouldn’t accept in our pulpits? I say yes, and give an explanation as to why.

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