We kick things off this week announcing the winner of last week’s drawing and introducing this week’s giveaway. This week, we’re giving away a copy of Tim Keller’s Encounters with Jesus. The entry point is simply sharing a picture of what you do after the sermon and passing that image along to me so I know you’ve done it.

Next, we talk about NASA’s new Mars Rover slated to launch in 2020 and the interesting difference between what passes for “life” when we’re looking on mars versus what passes for life when we’re looking at the womb of the woman. As we’re looking at different planets I decide to turn my attention briefly to the DNC convention and Elijiah T’s great response to one of their pro-choice speakers (See full video below).

We then take a look at a recent Degas Painting that was specially X-rayed to find another painting beneath the painting visible on the surface. I note that there are a lot of professing Christians who are trying to put on a facade but underneath the truth is still there. Also, I point out that a lot of Christians seem to live this way not recognizing that Christ has given them a new canvas. They no longer need to live and walk as though they are covering for sins he has already forgiven them for.

I follow that up with a brief conversation about a “Community Prayer Box” I found around the corner. I ask you the listener to tell me if your churches have anything like this and how it is administered (i.e., who keeps track, how many requests come in,  etc.)

Finally for our main topic I dive into a little bit of Jonathan Edwards and look at religious experiences that he described as not being of grace. I wonder if Edwards was too harsh on himself or if we are not harsh enough? Also, I consider the reality that the two of the seeds in the sower and the seed parable sprouted up but both fell away. How do we tell the difference?

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