In Episode 54, we kick things off by announcing the winner of Jonathan Edwards’ Sermons and introduce this week’s opportunity to win a copy of James MacDonald’s Vertical Church.

Next, we jump into the deep end of the soda debate between Mello Yello and Mountain Dew and discuss whether or not Mello Yello measures up. I also ask the pressing question, “Why is Mr T. Dressed like a butterfly?”

Then I turn my attention to a question from Depraved Daredevil about my favorite books and why I went into vocational ministry. I list off Jonathan Edwards, C.H. Spurgeon, R.C. Sproul, John Gill, and Albert Barnes as tops in my queue of favorite authors. I also explain, in short, my journey to vocational ministry and what drove me to that decision.

Next, I talk a little bit about the Catholic priest that was murdered in France a couple of weeks ago. I discuss whether or not I think the priest was a martyr, a Catholic, and how important it is that we look at this from different angles in light of the tragic nature of the event.

I then turn my attention, reluctantly, to the subject of prayer to discuss where I’m at in my walk with Christ regarding prayer and why, at this time, I don’t feel adequate to embark on an episode on the subject.

Finally, I turn my attention to a Voice Mail question about the difficulty of holding the line on the truth that homosexuality is a sin and also being loving and gracious towards those who may be homosexuals both inside and outside the church.

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