Ep 34 – The Top 10 Worst Pro-Life Arguments

Hello Friends! Thanks for joining Nicole and me for Episode 34 of the Fetal Position podcast in which we discuss the Top Ten absolute worst pro-life arguments/tactics. The relevant links are at the bottom, and for more details about each point… I guess you will have to listen to the show!

Top Ten Absolute Worst Pro-Life Arguments/Tactics

10. Women regret their abortion.

9. Women can die (or be hurt) from a legal abortion.

8. Abortion is wrong because it hurts the economy.

7. Because the Bible/God says (this depends on who your audience is).

6. You’re pro-choice on abortion, but not schools, health care, gun ownership taxes, etc.

5. I’m more pro-life than you because I am in favor of universal health care, etc.

4. Condemning women who have had abortions. Saying things like “that woman deserved to die during the abortion” or “I’m glad she killed herself after the abortion.”

3. What if your mother had aborted you? or You should have been aborted!

2. Progress towards protecting life from abortion is “compromising.”

1. You might have just aborted the next Beethoven/Einstein/Washington.

Here’s the link to DANK PRO-LIFE MEMES, and if you enjoyed this or thought it was absolutely terrible, let me know in the comments below, on the Facebook page, private Facebook group, Twitter, or by email (FetalPositionPodcast@gmail.com). Thanks so much for reading/listening!



Elijah Thompson