After the Sermon: Episode 09 – Misrepresenting Calvinism, Bad Guest Speakers, Affliction from God, and Canadian Churches… Eh?


We kicked this episode off with our sermon clip of the week from the first message in a new series I started this past Sunday on the Book of Lamentations. We briefly discuss the reality that believers are quick to give God the glory for the things we perceive as positive, but not so quick to honor him for the things we might perceive as negative in our lives.

Next, we discussed an upcoming opportunity for listeners to receive a free, signed copy of The Fury of God by author/host Jeremy J. Lundmark. In order to be entered into the drawing for a free copy of the book, be sure to rate and review the podcast on iTunes. This offer remains open through the end of September. Anyone who rates and reviews the podcast on iTunes will get an opportunity to win one of ten copies of the book. Winners to be announced in October.

For our appetizers, we discussed a concerning trend of Christians being quick to speak and slow to hear on social media. We discuss the importance of not using condescending and arrogant phrases to simply stop conversation. We also discuss the value of taking a debate out of the public if it seems to be getting personal, or if it begins to lose the ability to be constructive for either side.

For our main topic, we discuss a recent sermon clip from Steven Anderson bashing Calvinism. We discuss a number of misunderstanding presented in the clip and demonstrate that so far from being against evangelism, Calvinism has a strong history of being very evangelistic. We also point out the stark difference between Calvinism which rests in the sovereignty of God, and whatever it is Steven Anderson is preaching which clearly rests in the self-determination of men.

Next we turn our attention to our Theology Mix feature where we discuss a recent article by Calvinist Phil Coulson on When The Guest Pastor Stinks. We’ve all been there. The pastor is out of town and the guest preacher gets up to preach and delivers a terrible sermon. What do we do? Listen to this episode and read Calvinist Coulson’s article to find out!

Finally, we close things out by highlighting two podcasts from the podcast world. First, I encourage everybody to look up James White’s recent interview of Dr. Michael Brown on the Dividing Line. They discuss Dr. Brown’s new book How to Survive the Gay Revolution. Second, I highlight the Confessing Baptists recent interview of pastors in Canada who share their heart and concern for the church in Canada.

Links from Episode 09
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Steven Anderson Sermon Clip Bashing Calvinism
“When the Guest Pastor Stinks” Article by Calvinist Coulson
Dividing Line Interview of Michael Brown’s “How to Survive the Gay Revolution”
The Confessing Baptist Podcast Interview of Reformed Baptist Canadian Pastors.

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