We kick things off with a sermon clip from Pastor Len Flack from the fourth night of our 11th Annual Summer Bible Conference. Pastor Len is pastor at North Country Fellowship in Carthage, NY, and he blessed us with a message on unity from Ephesian 3:1-6.

Next, we turn to our appetizers. First on the docket, we return to the Ashley Madison hacks who recently reported that Josh Duggar may have had two accounts from 2013-2015. We discuss the damage this might do as the media is sure to have a field day with this new information.

For our second appetizer, we look at John Oliver’s recent rant against prosperity preachers and televangelists. Oliver goes completely nuclear and, in my opinion, hits the nail on the head.

For our main topic, we discuss the somewhat sensitive topic of whether or not all infants go to heaven. Specifically, we discuss how infants can be saved and how their salvation relates to the salvation of adults. Are infants saved in a different way than the rest of us? We examine a couple clips from the podcast “These Go to Eleven” to help the discussion along.

To go along with our main topic I highlight my article “Do All Infants Go to Heaven?” in the Theology Mix feature.

We close things out by highlighting three notable podcast episodes that have popped up over the last week from Pulpit and Pen, Apologia Radio, and These Go to Eleven.

Links from Episode 08

Len Flack Sermon on Unity from Ephesians 3:1-6
Gawker Article Exposes Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison Account Info
John Oliver’s Rant on Prosperity Preachers (Language Warning)
These Go to Eleven Episode on Eternal Destiny of Children Who Die
TheologyMix Article “Do All Infants Go To Heaven”
JD Hall’s Pulpit & Pen Episode on Hecklers
Apologia Radio Interview of Sam and Nia
These Go to Eleven Podcast Website.