After the Sermon: Episode 02 – Bitter Cakes, Old News, High Places, and Overcoming Trials

Episode 02 Overview

In Episode 02 of “After the Sermon” we discuss the precedent that the Oregon decision against Sweet Cakes sets for the rest of the nation. We also discuss the issue of people sharing outdated articles to incite people to think things are progressing faster than they really are. Then we look at American Pastor’s Network President Sam Rohrer’s two major concerns in light of the SCOTUS decision.

For our main topic we discuss Chris Dunn’s article, “Hills to Discern on.” What hills are you willing to die for? Have you really thought those battlefields out?

Finally, we listen in to the podcast world as Scott McCausey of “Christian Devotions Speak UP!” interviews Mike Delloso. Mike’s testimony of fighting through trials and difficulties is an encouragement to all believers that are facing trials in their life.

Question for Discussion

-Can you relate to Mike Delloso’s struggle? How have you rested in Christ through the difficulty?
-What “hills” have you had to rethink in your Christian walk? Are their any you may need to rethink?
-What are your thoughts on the fines being assessed on the owners of “Sweet Cakes?” Should Christians be worried?

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