Episode #1 Overview

In the very first episode of “After the Sermon,” we discuss a number of important topics that Christians are facing today. First, we tackle the recent SCOTUS decision and some of the history behind that decision. Going back to 2013, the Supreme Court overturned California’s “Prop 8” which was a proposition voted on by the people of the State of California to ban same-sex marriage. In that decision, the Supreme Court sided with the State of California overruling the people in favor of same-sex marriage. In this most recent decision, the Supreme Court overruled States that had voted bans on same-sex marriage into law. In both cases, SCOTUS has effectively overruled the States, and the people in favor of homosexual marriage.

Next, I turn my attention to the Confederate Flag controversy and compare that to the White House’s decision to illuminate the White House in multi colors to express their support o the Supreme Court decision.

Finally, I ask my kids what they do, “After the Sermon.” Let’s just say that running in church is just one of the many things they do “After the Sermon.”


What do you do “After the Sermon?” On a typical sunday afternoon, what do you and your family do after you pull out of the church parking lot? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below.