The Art of Redemption Radio Episode 023.4: Mysticism Meets Self-Help – Mysticism Series, Part 4

This week’s episode continues in the Mysticism series as we takes a look at Jim Carrey’s commencement speech to MUM University graduates and the painting he made about our light shinning through.

Jim Carrey has some great things to say in this speech, but within the context of his speech and his worldview that is tainted by mysticism, you are lead into a spiral of never-ending nothing. There some things that make sense in his speech, but they soon devolve and end up contradicting his previous statements.

His painting expresses his worldview and his ideal. The idea that he is the light, in fact, we are all the light and we need to let it shine through for all to see in all its glory. As we line up his speech with a Christian worldview and philosophy, we can very easily see that what ensues breaks down the mysticism worldview that Carrey and this school holds to.

This week’s Promo: The Sinners League

Intro Music: Akkadian Empire by Audiomachine

Ending Song: Across the Universe by The Beatles

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Photo by Jim Carrey

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