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13 Ways to Sabotage Your Senior Pastor Search

Choosing a new Senior Pastor may be the most significant staffing decision a church ever has to make. Because of that, it can also be one of the most stressful processes a church ever has to experience.

Here are “13 Ways To Sabotage Your Senior Pastor Search” -Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group

1. Have unrealistic expectations.

Do you expect that your new Senior Pastor is going to be exactly like your past Senior Pastor? Do you think your final candidate will check off every box on your wishlist? Do you know the differences between the attributes you want and the ones you really need in your next Pastor? Check out our article on Desireables vs. Practicals.

2. Don’t manage the expectations of church.

Does your congregation expect that the new Senior Pastor is going to be able to fix all your problems? Download our Pastor Search Prayer Calendar to assist your congregation in praying through your search.

3. Have too many people involved in the decision process.

There’s a lot of truth to the phrase, “Too many cooks in the kitchen.” It’s also very important to make sure that your pastor search committee members don’t have an agenda. If a decision-maker is insisting on their own agenda throughout the Senior Pastor search, it will constantly stall and muddy the process.

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Pastor’s Rage: Abuse Ignored or Reinterpreted Away

Many remedies are now being proposed to deal with rage in pastors, but few indicate any need for justice, the absence of which is very often the primary source of the distress. It’s amazing in conversation with many pastors how the words “You’ve been treated unjustly and have a right to be angry” go a long way in starting them on the road to healing. Some just need to hear that they should be righteously angry and aren’t misguided in their thinking or feelings. Sometimes this simple truth enables them to pick up and carry on the work that they’ve been called to do.

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