In Episode 19, we get the opportunity to interview Calvinist Batman. We discuss the whole Anon community—why he joined the community and why he’s chosen Batman as his anon of choice. We go on to talk about his family, his ministry, and his “After the Sermon” routine.

Then we jump into our main topics and discuss the morality of choosing movies and TV shows. Are certain types of film completely wrong, or is there room for discretion and discernment? Are their any standards that are obviously off limits and clearly sinful?

Next, we discuss his views on Continuationism and how we can objectively discern whether someone is being called by God, or if they’re using sensationalism to puff themselves up. Also, how do we deal with “callings” that end badly or go awry. Is it still from God?

We then discuss his role in worship at his church and the subtle difference between leading worship and leading singing. How do we avoid worshipless singing and how does Calvinist Batman remain worshipful as a worship leader.

Finally, we close with some recommendations from Calvinist Batman.

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