After the Sermon: Episode 18 – Handling Halloween, The Weaker Brother, and 10 Questions About Pastoral Ministry


In Episode 18, we drop the green flag with a Reformation Day Sermon clip from a sermon I preached in 2012 called “The Reformation Rages On.”

For our first appetizer, we have some exciting news about upcoming guests for Episodes 19 and 20: Calvinist Batman and Apologia’s own Marcus Pittman. I’ll be conducting these interviews this coming Reformation weekend and they will serve as the Main Topics for Episodes 19 and 20.

Next, we get an update on the Krispy Kreme vs Dunkin Donuts poll and I answer some questions from Jerome Danner who I decided to perpetually call Danner Jerome by accident referencing his twitter handle rather than his actual name.

For our final appetizer, we discuss the controversial holiday Halloween. Should believers celebrate Halloween? Should we take our kids trick or treating? Should we leverage the holiday to evangelize? Should we be critical of one another on this subject? We answer all these questions and more as we approach Halloween this coming Saturday.

For our podcast world segment, we direct our attention to the podcasts and ministries of our two upcoming guests. Calvinist Batman and Friends is holding a T-Shirt sale and Apologia Studios is always cranking out new and high quality resources on Apologia All Access.

For our Theology Mix, feature we look at Dr. John Snyder’s recent post “The Tyranny of Brother Weaker.” A timely post as we think about how to approach Halloween.

For our main topic, we help out ministry student Shawn Lebrado complete an assignment by answering 10 questions about pastoral ministry. I think hearing the answers to these questions will be beneficial for anyone looking to go into any kind of ministry, but I hope they will be extra helpful for those students studying for pastoral ministry.

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