2016 Top Posts: The Top Four of 11 Questions with Anons

Who are they? What do they think? Do we even want to know? Here are 2016’s Top 11 Questions with these four Anons. If you’re an Anon and would like to answer the 11 Questions, please contact us!

  1. 11 Questions (and more) with Bitter Blue Betty: “Behind you, three pews back…” That’s where you’ll find Bitter Blue Betty! Follow her at @BitterBlueBetty.
  2. 11 Questions with Pastor’s Wife 2020: Pastor’s Wife 2020 is the brilliant, irreverent, impertinent, audacious, dulcet-toned, whimsical, pastor’s docile, sassy wife. Her bio. She writes it as she wants. Doctorate from the University of Twitter. Follow her at @PastorsWife2020.
  3. 11 Questions with The Bitter Pastor: Cutting through all the BS one bitter day at a time. Follow him at @TheBitterPastor.
  4. 11 Questions with The Xian Satirist: He ridicules and laughs at himself and people of like-minded faith. Founder of ‪@U_Of_Twit‬ and the ‪#CynicPride‬ movement. Co-founder of ‪@TheAnonChurch‬. Follow him at @TheXianSatirist.