11 Questions with The Bitter Pastor

1. Why did you start a Twitter account?
A. Because every bitter pastor needs a Twitter account.

2. What has been your favourite Twitter interaction so far?
A. The Xian Satirist, no questions asked. Pastor’s Wife 2020 comes in a distant second.

3. Who is your favourite theologian, past and/or present?
A. Smith Wigglesworth. The worst theologian on the planet, but had simplistic faith that shook Britain, and eventually America. He is the reason Pentecostalism exists in this country.

4. Is it easier to be who you really are as an Anon?
a. I’m the same way in real life.

5. What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?
A. I’ve been divorced twice. No jokes, please.

6. What book are you reading?
A. I’m currently reading about counterintelligence.

7. What’s your favorite movie or TV show?
A. Movie: The Godfather or Braveheart; TV: Breaking Bad or Damages

8. What is your pet peeve in church or with Christians?
A. Just about everything.

9. Why is it important to study theology?
A. It’s really not as long as the basics are covered. What’s important is to learn obedience to God through faith. That is done through applying Scripture to one’s life. In-depth theological studies should be done as a supplement to the first works.

10. After a stressful day, what’s your favourite way of relaxing?
A. Red wine and a cigarette. Yeah, you heard me.

11. What’s your favorite Bible verse(s)?
A. Leviticus 10:3.

12. What makes you so very bored?
A. Pastor’s Wife 2020.

13. Who is the one Anon you would most like to smack? Why?
A. This question seems awfully biased toward TBP.

14. What would you consider the “worst”—Christian book, Christian music, Christian movies? (If you have more than one choice, please feel free to list them.)
A. The worst Xian movie in the history of Xian movies is the new Left Behind. Let us remember from where we have fallen and never go back.

The Former Bitter Pastor
11 Questions with The Xian Satirist

11 Questions with The Xian Satirist


Pastor Jill Richardson: “We Stood for Refugees. Literally.”

Pastor Jill Richardson: “We Stood for Refugees. Literally.”