Elizabeth Whitley currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina where she works as a university admissions counselor by day and enjoys writing by night. She attends Thrive Church and serves as a life group administrator and leader. Elizabeth feels that being generous with her personal discoveries and insights makes any disappointments and uncertainties well worth the trouble! She is currently writing a book about embracing and celebrating her season of singleness, and she hopes to inspire other singles to do the same.

She writes,”My pursuit in life is to be faithful in the little things, to be an effective communicator of God’s love, and to encourage others to live purposefully. I especially have a heart for singles at this time. I am single and have, for the most part, always been single. I am convinced that it is not because something is wrong with me. It is not because I am unworthy, lacking, not good enough, or undeserving of love. Rather, I believe that God has kept me single for divine purposes and for such a time as this. My desire is to serve as a validating and affirming voice for single men and women.”

Discover more at her web site www.elizabethwhitley.com.

Photo via www.elizabethwhitley.com