Weekend Reading: NEW from Plot Twst – Destination Lockdown

NEW from Plot Twst: Destination Lockdown –  Creative, Fun, Inspiring Christian Fiction

“If this is the end of the world…we might as well dig in.”

It was supposed to be a quick stopover in D.C. for a friend’s wedding before Alex’s one-way escape to the Parisian life on the Seine she had always dreamed of. But when Covid-19 panic throws the entire world into chaos, Alex finds herself drenched and stranded with a hideous bridesmaid’s gown, only to wash up on the doorstep of the one person in the world she did not want to see—her ex-fiancé, D.C.’s handsome rising-star restauranteur Nick, with whom things did not end well. As she comes to terms with her past, Alex discovers the story was never really over. Is this the closure she always secretly craved? Or are things heating up again between them?