After the Sermon: Episode 21 – Issues of Race with Thomas Anderson Jr, #BlackLivesMatter, #MIZZOU, and #WhitePrivilege


In this special episode, I invite my good friend and fellow co-laborer in the Gospel, Pastor, and (soon to be) Moody Professor, Thomas Anderson Jr on to the program to discuss issues of race, inequality, injustice, and so much more.

Thomas and I delve into the highly sensitive issue of race as we discuss the historic racial inequality against African Americans and how that racial discrimination permeates our world even today. We drill down on movements like #BlackLivesMatter, and #MIZZOU as we seek to understand one another, and come to a Gospel solution.

We also discuss the meaning of #WhitePrivilege and how it ought to be understood and how it ought not to be understood. We also discuss the typical responses to this charge and how believers in Christ may be able to respond better when the charge comes our way.

Most importantly, we discuss the integral roll that race played as it relates to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We look at the entirety of the book of Acts, Galatians, and Ephesians two demonstrate that one of the primary reasons that Jesus Christ went to the cross was to replace emnity among people with the peace of Christ. That reality ought to cause us to elevate this conversation to the front of our concerns.

As racial tensions grow in the US, how should Christians respond? Are we a part of the problem? How can we magnify the struggles of others without minimizing the difficulties of others? All this and more with Thomas Anderson Jr.