Being a pro bono lawyer by day and a vigilante by night comes with some pros and cons…

Pros of being a vigilante by night: There is nothing like the rush of taking down a prosperity peddling heretic and keeping them off of the streets of Hell’s Kitchen!

Pros of being a pro bono lawyer by day: I get to help those in need when the legal system succeeds—and I get a greater appreciation for all the legal language the Bible uses to describe Christ’s work for us through his life, death and resurrection!

Cons of being a pro bono lawyer by day: Words are hard… Nolo contedere??? Writ of certiorari??? En banc???  And unfortunately, “For the public good” does not pay the bills all the time (Good thing I don’t need lights…)

Cons of being a vigilante by night: I get as much sleep as Albert Mohler! But, unlike him, I am not super human (I heard Coulson mention he was on the Index in the SHIELD records… something about an “Unlimited Energy source on par with the Tesseract”???) Not just that, but there is a lot of city to look out for. Fortunately I have help from Biblical Blindspot every now and again! I have to memorize all the areas in the cities and the key-players and how to take them down! Guys like the Pelagian Punisher, the Gnostic Jester, Tritheist Typhoid Mary, Prosperity Purple Man, Sabellian Bullseye, and Wilson Fisk.

With all this going on, it can be tough to spend a whole lot of time in the Word and it can be especially difficult to commit the Word to memory and our hearts. Which brings me to why I’m writing this blog… We are going to start a series on memorization with Matt Murdock!

Every so often, I will post something to memorize, why I see it as important to memorize, and how I am going to go about memorizing it. It would be great if, on top of the methods I share, people would share how they are memorizing things and what they are working to memorize (be it creeds, confessions, scripture, hymns, quotes or anything else.)

Let’s prayerfully consider this as we take the step to committing truths to our heart so that we can stand up for truth in a world full of lies.

Next week, we will start our first memorization step together in this task: The Apostle’s Creed.

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