Brain Tumor to Trust in God: Robin Luftig on Speak UP!

After years of working with broken people through different recovery venues such as divorce and various 12-step groups, Robin Gilbert Luftig founded Renew Ministries in 2009 with the purpose of sharing God’s plan for healing with spiritually- and emotionally-broken men and women. She has written From Pain to Peace: A Journey to Peace After Divorce and often speaks on what she discovered from her research.

Robin communicates openly and practically with great energy, passion, humor, warmth, and grace. Because of her compassion for brokenhearted people, Robin counts serving all of God’s people as one of her greatest privileges in life.  Robin is currently working on, God’s Best During Your Worst. This personal memoir tells of redemption and triumph over brokenness when she faced paralyzing fear and discovered there is no place so far from God that he cannot reach through and redeem a willing heart. Robin and Lew are the parents of five wonderful children.

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