Let's Talk Theolitics

Let’s Talk Theolitics

Religion and Politics

Have you ever heard the old saying, “We don’t talk religion or politics during the holidays”? Well, that’s an unspoken rule I ran into about twelve years ago at a family gathering. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say that I engaged in a theological dispute at a holiday family gathering. Not my brightest moment. Afterwards one of my family members politely explained, “We don’t talk religion and politics during the holidays.”

Obviously the reason for this unspoken social construct is to avoid conflict that might disrupt the meaning of whatever holiday might be in view. As we head into the holiday season you’re going to be around friends and family where you really can’t talk “Religion or Politics.”

Let’s Talk…Theolitics

I’ve got some great news! Theology Mix has a solution to the religion and politics dilemma and we’re calling it “Theolitics.” With the launch of a new year at Theology Mix, the hosts have asked me to write a weekly column discussing politics and religion. My initial reaction was, “Wait! We’re not supposed to talk about those things! Especially during the holidays!”

So, instead of talking religion, or politics, we’re launching a new column here at Theology Mix called, “Let’s Talk Theolitics.” Each week I’ll tackle a political story that has theological implications. With the 2016 presidential campaign already in high gear there is plenty of material for us to work with!

So, this holiday season don’t talk about religion or politics when your at family gatherings.

Instead… Let’s talk Theolitics!