After the Sermon: Episode 17 – Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, The Pilgrim, Verizon, We Got This and Krispy Kreme Donuts


In Episode 17, we drop the green flag by discussing my internet service nightmares with Verizon the last few weeks. We also talk about bad customer service experiences in general.

For our appetizers, we look at some recent mentions from listeners like Cody Almanzar of the Ordinary Pastors podcast and Scott Schultz who both recently received their copies of my book “The Fury of God.”

Also getting a mention is @CalvinistChewey who has declared ATS a #ChewyApprovedPodcast. We also send a big thank you out to Reformed Theology Seminary for Retweeting Episode 16. Finally, the Pastors Wife 2020 asks which is better: Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donut?

With that we jump into the Podcast World and I recommend “We Got This” with Mark and Hal. While not a Christian podcast it does strive to be somewhat family friendly and it discusses a myriad of debates that have been argued about since the dawn of time. It’s an entertaining podcast that is certain to cause lots of discussion!

Also in the podcast world, I discuss Nate Curren’s “The Pilgrim” album. This isn’t a podcast but it’s certainly worth mentioning somewhere and this seemed to be the best place for it. I share a clip from my favorite song on the Album “Apollyon, that old serpent.” The Album is intended to take themes from Bunyan’s Pilgrim Progress and put them into musical form. Currin does an awesome job and this album is worth picking up.

For our Theology Mix feature, I highlight my three part study “Jesus: God, Man, or God-Man.” This was originally a paper I wrote as a part of my Master’s work in seminary. I divided it into three parts and it’s available at

For our Main topic we discuss the recent CNN Democratic Presidential debate. We focus in primarily on Hilary Clinton’s inconsistency and some of the absurd policy ideas of Bernie Sanders.

Links from Episode 17

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