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Episode 023.5: Mysticism, Despair, and Mark Rothko—Mysticism Series Part 5

We open this episode with some talk about family worship and some of the practices that Roy and Cody use with their families. For some more info on what they talked about, here are the links: New City CatechismMy First CatechismDon Whitney Family Worship 101

In this week’s episode, we take a look into what the outcome of the worldview of mysticism. We talk about the life and work of Mark Rothko, an American painter of Russian Jewish decent, often identified as an abstract expressionist painter.

As we look into the chronology of his work (found here, but not completely chronological!), we can see that as he got deeper into Mysticism things became less and less detailed, less and less meaningful. His work ends in massive black paintings displayed in the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas. 

In the end, when we try to dismiss God from our lives, it only leads to despair. Mark Rothko committed suicide before he found whatever he was searching for. He was looking for meaning outside of God and did not find it, nor will anyone. All worldviews, outside of a true Christian and Biblical worldview, leads to despair.


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Intro Music: Akkadian Empire by Audiomachine

Ending Song: Ugly Side by Blue October

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