I, Natalie Taylor, Have Made A Terrible Mistake

March 5

I have definitely made the right decision.

Gwen’s home is near the water, and it’s so, so beautiful. She and Mitch have welcomed me with open arms, and she listened to me cry my heart out about Frankie.

We talked for hours and hours last night. I told her about the past year with Frankie and how I felt my life was going nowhere. It was a pretty bleak story, now that I’m thinking about it. Thank God for her good humor and good advice! We were laughing till 5 a.m. Mitch came in before getting ready for work and asked us what in the world we were talking about so early in the morning.

“Never mind,” he said quickly as he walked down the hall. “I don’t want to get in the way of your giggling.”

And that set us both off into hysterics immediately.

“God can take any bad situation and use it for good.”

Gwen’s words to me at the end of my saga. She’s right. The good will be traveling the world, seeing France and Italy, and climbing the Himalayas. Except that I’m not sure if I can stay in the cold for that long. Maybe they have a hotel and I can watch everyone else climb…

I woke up to the sound of quacking ducks and some disgruntled sea gulls this morning. For a minute I couldn’t even remember where I was. As soon as I did, I jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen. I think part of me still wasn’t sure if it was real.

Bacon, eggs, marmalade, scones, tea, a huge bowl of chopped tropical fruits—it was heaven.

“I could get used to this.”

“No, you won’t,” Gwen says. “It’s just for your first day here.”

Then she stares at me warily and frowns. “You’re looking awfully thin. We need to fatten you up.”

I can’t wait to get a job. This is what I was telling Gwen when I was munching on toast and staring out the bay window at the lake, or whatever it was, outside their home.

“Don’t rush. Take your time and pray for the right thing.”

Like I said. Full of good advice, my sister.

But I don’t want to waste any time. I need a job that will take me to Paris. Three international airlines are hiring. What if two offer me the job? Or all three??? Maybe I should only fill out one at a time. Someone did something in the Bible… Oh yeah. Draw lots. I don’t think I want to do that. I might as well fill out all three.

I’ll probably hear back from them before this evening.

6:00 p.m.

Maybe they work late on Thursdays. Like, really late. Lots of people stay in the office till after 6 or even 7. Some workaholics stay at work all night long, answering emails.

I think I’m going to go watch House Hunters International, they’ve got an episode about Provence I haven’t seen yet… Maybe I should find out how to work for HGTV.

8:45 p.m.

“Do you think my applications got lost somewhere in cyberspace?”

“No. Just pray and wait.” Gwen tosses me a dishcloth trying to distract me.

“I should have mailed them. It would have taken longer to reach them, but I could have insured them…”

“You’ll hear back from them.” Mitch sounds positive.

Why don’t I feel reassured?

10:55 p.m.

I haven’t heard back from any of them. I have made a terrible mistake moving here. I’m never going to get a job…

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March 5 I have definitely made the right decision

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March 5 I have definitely made the right decision