We kick things off this week with a discussion about Cecil the Lion. We try to distance it from the abortion issue and look at it from a Biblical perspective on its own merits. Then, we bring the abortion issue back into view in order to understand where Cecil fits in the moral spectrum.

I take a cold hard sip of Dr. Pepper reality as I reveal the results of the Pepper vs Pibb poll. Dr. Pepper outshines Mr. Pibb ten to one despite my pleas to the contrary. To add insult to injury, the Reformed Pubcast responded to a voicemail on their show that gave even more credibility to the notion that Dr. Pepper far outweighs Mr. Pibb!

From there, we jump into the first of our two main topics: Separation. I discuss my personal view of separation and how my view has evolved over the last few years.

This is followed by a discussion on the merits or demerits of “Incrementalism.” I tend to support the positive results of incremental change, while at the same time understanding those who are not satisfied with just “one piece of the pie.”

In our Theology Mix feature, we look at an article by Joe McKeever entitled “Back into the Pastorate: What I Would Do Differently.” We consider the seven things he would do differently and how those in ministry, or considering ministry might apply these things to their situations.

Finally, we wrap things up with a clip from Theology Mix Blog Talk Radio where Scott McCausey interviews Beth Saadati on the problem of bullying. Saadati has a heart wrenching personal story that I think all parents need to hear.

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