True Sermon Memes: Good Advice for Pastors

TRUESERMONMEMES2I’ve noticed when pastors think they’re profound, they get a member of their staff to make memes from their sermons. Some communications director sits in the congregation and tweets out a cool shot of the pastor preaching, along with a devastatingly relevant quote from that morning’s sermon.

These memes help the congregation remember throughout the week some amazing statement of truth from the pastor’s message they would have never thought of before.

You know, something like, “God’s love is greater than any love this world can offer!” (Photo of pastor pointing upward, speaking very declaratively.).

Yeah, that one just cuts straight through you, doesn’t it?

Or the pastor can give his best try at being poetic. Problem is, pastors are not often naturally poetic, and tend to end up just quoting some song they’ve heard before…

“When He was on the cross, I was on His mind!” (Photo of pastor with tear in his eye, arms stretched wide trying his best to look like Jesus on the cross).

Too bad pastors don’t have to pay CCLI royalties—Southern Gospel songwriters would be cashing in!

The only problem with sermon memes is you probably need to be saying something worth quoting (I mean, most pastors are not exactly Tozer or C.S. Lewis). And it helps to have a staff member who’s not a smart aleck. Just a suggestion…


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