Living Frugal: Bethany Bontrager on Speak UP!

Bethany and her husband Joe both grew up in frugal families. Bethany grew up on garage sale clothes and never remembers her parents driving new cars. Ever. Being homeschooled, she was raised outside of mainstream culture. Because of personal connections and work ethic, neither she or Joe had a problem finding jobs; Bethany worked as a secretary and Joe worked in construction.

Once married, Bethanay quit her job and become a full-time housewife. Joe recently took over the family business, so there was plenty of opportunity for Bethany to help in that area as well. She also pursued writing, hobby farming, gardening, selling things on Ebay, and other projects. Bethany finds homemaking incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Why be frugal if you don’t have to? When you lower your standard of living, it creates a cushion of extra money. Depending on your income, this can be a huge cushion. Everywhere you look, people are eating, wearing, and driving their money away. They are throwing away their influence and ability to make the world better. It’s often not intentional—it’s just the way folks have been raised. Being frugal helps save for the future or help a friend in need.

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