Is Church Attendance Relevant? Martin Wiles on Speak UP!

Is going to church relevant today? Can you stay home and worship just as effectively? What about the connection to the church family?

Martin Wiles is an author, minister, English teacher, and freelance editor currently residing in Greenwood, South Carolina. He and his wife, Michelle, are founders and editors of Love Lines from God (

Wiles has authored Grits & Grace & God, Morning By Morning, Morning Serenity, and Grace Greater Than Sin, Authentic Christianity, and is a contributing author in Penned from the Heart and Rise. He is a regular contributor to Christian Devotions—where he also serves as a Web/Editorial assistant—PCC Daily Devotions, and is a regular columnist for the Dorchester County Eagle Record. Wiles is also the editor of the “Tips for Healthy Living” page for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. His latest book is titled Grits, Gumbo and Going to Church. 

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