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I’ll never forget the moment I was unexpectedly laid off the first time as a secretary in October 1994. I was a single mom of a young daughter at the time, and had no college degree or formal training whatsoever. But I could type, file, and answer the phone!

A beautiful 20-something female engineer came over when she heard the news, saying, “Mary, who knows, this may be the best thing that ever happened to you.” My internal reactions were anything but positive – that is NOT what I wanted to hear, especially from someone beautiful, younger, single, making considerably more money than me and with no responsibilities.

But…she was right. At the end of this first layoff, not only did I receive the career change of my dreams, I did so in spite of my limitations. When you place God in charge of your life, and you seek to know and obey Him, some wonderfully surprising things can happen. I came to learn and believe His promise to me that He had a good plan for my life, one that would prosper and not harm me, one that would give me a hope and a future. But…I had to trust, follow and obey Him. So, I did.

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Mary Kaarto is an author, a guest speaker, and a former journalist. She is passionate about helping the elderly and the unemployed.

hope1A timely message of hope and encouragement, her book Help for the Laid Off and Help for the Laid Off – Devotional helps the reader to accept the unacceptable. This book shows how to find sanity in a jobless reality and how to make it your job to find a job. It will also show the reader how to avoid falling into the classic pity party after a layoff.

Mary Kaarto covers subjects like money matters, fruitful blessings that can come from being laid off or even being fired, and encouragement for your future. She also teaches family members how to help their loved one who is laid off or fired, and concludes with a reality-based challenge, that if followed will be a blessing to the person who accepted the challenge and the loved one who is laid off or fired.

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