Dementia and Walmart

I’ll bet you had no idea I could connect dementia and Walmart. Here it goes…and it’s a good one!

I recently met a wonderful man who is caring for his lovely wife who has mid stage Alzheimer’s. I am so moved by the love this man has for his wife. He wrote to me, and his email made me cry. I hate to cry, so this is something I fight. His words were so eloquent and full of love that even my most stoic of emotions were touched by his heart. 

At our recent meeting we discussed the problems associated with incontinence. There are so many issues around bathroom needs, and most all of them are difficult, at best. We don’t like to think about helping someone with this most important aspect of human existence, and we did not think it would be a part of our everyday life when we stood at the altar and said “I DO.” However, for many husbands and wives this becomes part of their routine. 

Incontinence can often cause family members to not include their loved one on trips or even short outings. The fear of the need for a bathroom while driving down the road, or even an accident in the car, can cause a strong individual to think twice. My client, however, has discovered Walmart. When traveling with his wife, he Googles the nearest Walmart, and that is where he stops for bathroom trips. At first I found this interesting until he explained. Every Walmart he has visited has a “family bathroom.” This allows him to go into the bathroom with his wonderful wife and assist her. I truly think this is incredibly genius on his part. Even better, most Walmarts locate their bathrooms in approximately the same location in the store, and if his wife needs anything, he is already at Walmart! 

Dementia and Walmart—they do go together quite nicely! If you have tips we can share with others, send them to me: [email protected]. Otherwise, hope that gives you Something to Ponder!

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